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6 volt AGM DEEP CYCLE BATTERY 225 ah Amptech 62250

  • 6 volt AGM DEEP CYCLE BATTERY 225 ah Amptech 62250




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Superstart batteries limited
East Tamaki

Compatible with

R22, R220, R220U, R232, PR220, GC2-6V, T105, T-105, T-125, T125, DC6V6V225, CR225, CR220, CR235, CY220-6, T605, CR232, UBGC2.

3 cell Deep Cycle Battery made by Supercharge Suitable for any deep cycle application including marine, industrial, renewable energy solar and wind
AGM deep cycle performance starts with plates that are built to deliver power when it’s needed. AMPTECH deep cycle batteries utilize the heaviest and thickest plates available from the battery industry – and more than 10% thicker than those used by the competition. Increased plate thickness delivers longer battery discharge performance and cycle life.

Battery Technology: Heavy Duty AGM SEALED
AMPTECH Deep Cycle Battery 6 volt 220ahr

225 ah battery
6 volt battery
6 volt deep cycle battery
6 bolt 225 ah battery

Volts: 6
20 AH Cap: 225
Length: 260
Width: 181
Height: 267
Wet Weight: 29.1
12 month warranty
Popular for scissor lift

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